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Guide on Marriage Registration Certificate in Pakistan

Obtaining a Marriage registration certificate in Pakistan is an important legal process, which gives official recognition to the marriage union.

The marriage certificate has legal, social and professional importance.

This guide will help you understand the importance of registering a marriage certificate and the steps to obtain it in Pakistan.

What is a Marriage Resgistration Certificate?

A marriage certificate is an official document issued by the government, certifying that the marriage is legally registered.

This certificate is different from nikha nama which is a traditional Islamic marriage contract. While the nikka name is important for religious purposes, the marriage certificate is legal proof of marriage, which is recognized by the state.

Why is Marriage Registration important?


There are many reasons why a marriage registry is important:

  1. Legal custody: Provides legal recognition and protection to both spouses.
  2. Social Security: It ensures that the rights of both parties are protected.
  3. Administrative use: Required for various administrative tasks such as applying for passports, visas, and national ID cards.
  4. Property Rights: It helps in establishing property and property rights.

How to get a Marriage Registration Certificate

Follow these steps to get a marriage certificate in Pakistan.

  1. Conduct the nikah ceremony: Ensure that the ceremony is conducted by a qualified religious scholar or an authorized nikah registrar.The Nikah Nama should be filled out and signed during this ceremony.
  2. Collect necessary documents: Prepare the necessary documents, including bride and groom and witnesses CNIC, passport size photo and the original nikah nama.
  3. Union Council Registration: Submit a attested Nikah Nama, CNIC photocopies and photographs to the local Union Council. The Union Council will verify the documents and register the marriage.
  4. Obtain a union council certificate: After verification, the Union Council will issue the official marriage registration certificate.

Marriage Registration Process in the Union Council

The union council plays an important role in giving the marraige registration certificate in Pakistan.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Submission of documents: Submit the original and attested copies of the Nikah Nama along with CNIC and photographs copies to the Union Council.
  2. Verification: The Union Council verifies the authenticity of submitted documents.
  3. Registration: If successful, the marriage is registered and a certificate is issued.

Marriage Registration Process in NADRA:

NADRA (National Database and Registration Authority) also provides computerized marriage certificate, which is widely accepted for offcial purposes.


Note: Getting a marriage registration certificate from the Union Council is necessary, but having one from NADRA offers added benefits, simplifying access to more government services (its optional).

  • Visit NADRA office: Both the spouses should visit the nearest NADRA office with union council certificate, CNIC, photograph and proof of residence.
  • Submit Application Form: Complete the NADRA Marriage Record Certificate Application Form.
  • Processing: NADRA processes the application.
  • Collect the Certificate: Once processed, get the NADRA Marriage Registration Certificate.

Documents required for Registration

The following documents are required for registration:

  • Attested copy of the Nikkah Nama
  • CNICs of bride and groom
  • CNICs of witnesses
  • Passport-sized photographs of both parties
  • Proof of residence (for NADRA certificate)

Having these documents prepared in advance ensures a smooth and efficient registration process.

Failure to register a marriage can have significant legal and social consequences.

Without a marriage certificate, couples can struggle to disclose their marital status, affecting property rights, property claims and spousal benefits In legal disputes, lack of official documentation can further complicate matters, and resulting in potential loss of rights and claims.


Registration of marriage in Pakistan is an important step in ensuring the legal recognition and protection of the marital relationship.

The process involves obtaining a Nikkanama, registration with the Union Council and, optionally, a NADRA Marriage Registration Certificate.

By understanding and following the proper procedures, couples can avoid potential legal issues and enjoy the full benefits and protections that come with a registered marriage.

Ensure that all necessary documents are it is appropriate and in consultation with the relevant authorities to make the process as smooth as possible.

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